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Because Every Learner is Unique
For the 2021-2022 school year, Online728 expanded its program to include a full online option for students in Grades K-8. Online728 has offered online programming forstudents in Grades 9-12. Each year the program has experienced growth in enrollment, and we are excited to grow our offerings to all grade levels next year.

Our Online728 program uses ISD 728 teachers and curriculum aligned to Minnesota Academic Standards. Participation in the Online728 program allows students to experience many of the same curriculum opportunities with the ability to connect with teachers live using Google Meetings. Online728 courses are uniquely designed just for those learners who are enrolled in the online program. The Online728 Elementary School Program allows instructors to provide more personalized instruction and better support learners, which is different than the 100% Distance Learning Model that was designed to address specific needs related to the Pandemic.

Elementary(K-5) Program Highlights
Online728 Elementary (Grades K-5) provides classroom communities that maximize opportunities for students to engage with each other and their teacher while supporting social skill development.

  • Students will be provided learning in all academic areas that meet the Minnesota Academic Standards including specialists such as Art, Music, Physical Education (P.E.) and Media and Technology.
  • Students will engage in a balance of direct instruction, independent and group work, hands-on practice, and creation. 
  • Students will have access to all the academic supports and services that exist in a face-to-face classroom.
  • K-5 Learners will connect to a virtual classroom through Schoology. 
  • Students will be engaged in a combination of live and self-paced instruction.
  • Video conferencing using Google Meets will be used to support and instruct students.
  • Dedicated online teachers, who are focused solely on their Online728 learners, will be providing instruction.


Is Online Learning Right for You and Your Elementary-aged child?

is online learning right for you

Below are essential conditions for success in an online environment. It is important for families to ensure they are able to create a successful learning environment for their child before committing to Online728 Elementary.

Engage Daily in the Learning Process with Your Child
Elementary aged learners need an in person adult or caregiver to provide daily assistance in the learning process. It will be important to review the daily expectations communicated by the classroom teacher. 

Create a Learning Space for Your Child
Create a special, personalized corner of a room dedicated to learning, creating, and reading. If possible choose a space that is free from distractions and clutter to help your child stay focused.

Commit to a Schedule
Finding time for learning requires planning. Take a look at your family’s schedule and figure out the best times for learning. While your child’s teachers will have set times for Google Meetings, it will be important to establish other routines for breaks, exercise and studying during the course of the day.

Reduce Distractions
Video games, computer games, social media, TV, toys, pets — our homes have lots of distractions. Make a list of the things that distract your child. Then, find ways to limit them during learning time.

Reach Out to Your Child’s Teacher
You play a key role in the success of your child in the online learning environment. Be an advocate for your child and communicate with your child’s teacher when you have questions about your child’s academic and social-emotional well-being.

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Meagan Rathbun
Assistant Principal
(736) 241-3400 x5009

Jaymie Helle
School Counselor, K-12
(736) 241-3400 x5134 


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